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Dear customer, do you wish to sell your yacht?

On the following pages we explain which information we require from you, which costs you will need to pay and which contracts have to be placed. 

As a private supplier, you have two ways to offer your boat at Bootsmeile:

1. For a charge of 20,- Euros/month we publish your boat information and forward customer requests to you. Visitations and sales talk are handled by you.
Payment is handled by our partner Firstgate as a subscription. This subscription runs for one month and is renewing itself automatically if you don't cancel it.

2. You commission the Bootsmeile or one of our premium agents, we create an exposée of your boat (according to the information provided by you) and handle sales talk as well as visitations. We only get paid for a successful sale. For boats with a sale price higher than 40.000 Euros the agent provision is only 6% (excl. VAT) of the sale price, for boats with a price below 40.000 Euros the provision is 8% (excl. VAT) of the sale price.

We will send you the information and contracts according to your choice.